Accidental Biohazardous Material Spill Procedure

In the event of a spill:

  1. Alert all persons nearby.
  2. If you have spilled a small amount and know that the biological agent is of minimal hazard and you can clean it up, do so. Label and package according to the biohazardous waste guidelines. Otherwise,
  3. Evacuate the area and close the door to the laboratory facility. If flammables are spilled and your safety is assured, turn off any ignition devices.
  4. For advice and/or assistance, please contact EH&S at: 545-2682 (on weekends, and after 5pm, contact UMass Police at 9-1-1 and say you are at UMass/Amherst campus). Be prepared to provide the identity, amount, and location of the spill, as well as your location and a phone number where you can be reached (not your lab phone, since you should not remain in the lab after a spill).

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