EH&S has a new face on campus with the arrival of Rob Wallace.  Rob is taking on the position of Campus Safety Officer under the Campus Safety and Fire Prevention program at Environmental Health and Safety.  Pictured here is Bob Laford, Assistant Director for Emergency Management, presenting Rob with his badge.  Bob previously served as the Campus Safety Officer, and the badge has been worn by each of the CSO's dating back to the early 1980's.

Judy Laduc

Judy LaDuc, UMass Amherst Biological Safety Officer with Environmental Health and Safety has been appointed to serve as a Council Member on the New England Biosafety Association (NEBSA).

The NEBSA is a professional organization, which aims to promote knowledge of biological safety and to support those working in the field of biosafety.  NEBSA provides local educational and networking opportunities in the New England region for those with an interest in biological safety.  Formed in 1996, NEBSA is an affiliate of the American Biological Safety Association (ABSA).

U H S Fire Extinguisher Training

Univeristy Health Services staff received fire safety and fire extinguisher training during their annual Staff Days prior to the beginning of the new academic year.

Campus Fire Marshal Michael Swain and Fire Safety Officer Rick Sawin conducted the fire safety training for the UHS staff.

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